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Chive Photos

Some Of Our Favorites

Carne Asada Omelet @ Day Break Cafe & Grill

Omelet stuffed with slow roasted beef, topped with Cheddar cheese and a spicy Ranchero sauce. Served with fresh Pico de Gallo, Hashbrowns and toast.

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Chicken Shawarma @ King Tut


Strips of chicken breast cooked with onions and tomatoes served with a side of Thini sauce , Pita bread and a choice of rice or fries.

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Pho @ Pho Nam

# 17 - Steak, lean brisket, onions, Vermicelli noodles, cilantro in a savory both with French bread on the side.

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Green Chicken Enchiladas @ Esperanzas

Three chicken enchiladas smothered in tomatillo sauce, and topped with white cheese.
Served with rice , beans (Substituted Charro Beans ) and chips and hot sauce.

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The LA 4 Caminas Torta @ La Hechizera

Ham, Beef Jerky, Charizo and Mozzarella cheese and fresh Avacado topped with the House Red Pepper Sauce on Telera Bread ( A French-style roll that has a thick, crunchy crust that stands up well against torta recipes that involve drenching the sandwich or stuffing with juicy meat covered in sauce. )

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Cory Morrow Will Be Rockin The River This Thursday Click Here For Info

Pics 06.21.12: Rockin' the River with Cory Morrow BandPics

Pics 06.14.12: Rockin' the River with Josh Weathers

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Ali Dee @ The Thirsty Armadillo

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Rahr Tasting And 5 k Run Pics

Sent In By Reader

I agree with your choice of Chubby's… I wrote this after my Best Burger article.

Chubby's: "Big Nasty" never tasted so good

By Velton Hayworth

At the risk of becoming a Chubby’s poster boy, I plan on making this place a regular stop. If you are looking to shed a few pounds stay away from the big nasty. The hand-made half-pound fat juicy patty topped with chili, crispy bacon, grilled jalapenos and onions, Monterrey jack, and cheddar cheese on poppy-seed free bun (Thank You!) is anything but nasty.

It should be called the “big messy”… because it is a big messy pile of goodness. I chose to forego the knife and fork and use my claws, leaving a foot-high pile of chili cheese stained napkins.

It’s too bad these guys weren’t open in time for's Best Burger showdown because these guys would definitely have been a contender.

Chubby’s menu offers more than just burgers -- everything from tacos to a grilled chicken sandwich or salad (for those who are watching their waist line) and corndogs and mini burgers for the kids. On my next visit I want to try the pizza burger (half-pound patty topped with marinara sauce, pepperonis and mozzarella cheese). Afterward, I'll crawl into a cave and hibernate.

The game is always on (three flat screens) and beer is always cold ($2.75 18 oz. schooners ), so what are you waiting for. Let's get chubby together!

Chubby’s is located at 7618 Camp Bowie W. Fort Worth.

If you would like to throw in your two cents on the beast burger in town drop me a line at I will post your comments.
Thank You



By Velton Hayworth

Wide awake and bored at midnight? Mr. Jack Daniels calling your name but you don’t feel like paying forty dollars for a couple of drinks, some second-hand smoke, and a little social interaction? You’re probably like me .......Read More


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Photo By Velton Hayworth ( DFW.COM )

Notes from the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks Media Day

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By Velton Hayworth

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By Velton Hayworth

Riding With Fort Worth's Night Riders

I love Fort Worth.  It has world-renowned museums and performance halls, great restaurants, and a vibrant music scene.  Actually Fort Worth has it all–excluding .... Read More


Dead Mau5 @ The Palladium

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By Velton Hayworth

Plan A Night Out With Dinner, Drinks & Jazz

By Velton Hayworth

A cozy, romantic dinner with a nice bottle of red wine followed by martinis and live jazz at a swank, candle-lit basement bar. Sound like an expensive date? It doesn’t have to be. Read More



By Jay Betsill








2600 West 7TH Street Suite 105
Fort Worth TX 76107
(817) 332-7435
Open Sun-Thurs 11-10, Fri-Sat 11-midnight

When I first learned of the Pizza Inn prototype Pie Five Pizza Co., I was a tad skeptical but also intrigued. The way it was described to me was "if Quizno's morphed into a pizza place, this would be the result."

Upon arrival, you choose between thin and pan crust -- each pizza is 9 inches and costs $6.49 -- and select one of their specialty pizzas or create your own from their plethora of toppings and one of three sauces. Your pizza is placed in a conveyor oven and ready in less than five minutes. After trying my own creation of a pizza that my friend dubbed the "J," my skepticism was erased. I freely admit that I will be a repeat customer.

The design is set up perfect for the young urbanites that populate the West 7th area and want their food fast and on the inexpensive side. On the other hand, we had plenty of time before our movie started so we relaxed and watched the Yankees game on the flat-screen above our booth. And speaking of drinks, beer and wine are available for those who want to hang out. Expect Pie Five Pizza to be a big hit in the vibrant neighborhood.


M & O Grill

By Velton Hayworth

M & O's is a quaint little joint located  few blocks down from the Montgomery Ward plaza in the same building as Leonard's department store museum ( 200 Carroll St. ).  After 24 years as a chef at the Petroleum Club Danny Badillo decided to start his own business with his wife. Now this is the kind of menu I expect out of a chef, all sorts of creations topped with all the fixin's. You have the Tijuana Burger (stuffed with roasted Poblano peppers and cream cheese and topped with guacamole), which is one of my favorites, and the Blue Cow (stuffed with blue cheese and topped with crispy bacon), just to name two. Every time that I've visited M & O's Danny has hand crafted and grilled each burger himself. On my last visit I tackled the chili cheeseburger, and--I mean this in the best way--it was a pile of messy goodness, overrunning with chili, topped with cheddar cheese and piled high with fresh lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and onions, served with fresh hand cut fries. M & O's also runs daily hot plate specials; just call (817)882-8020 to find out what's on the menu. Maybe I will give one of the specials a shot one day, but not until I work my way through the burger menu.  On my next visit I think I might try to dethrone the King George (twice the meat twice the cheese topped off with crispy bacon) and then crawl into a cave and hibernate.




5300 E Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76112
(817) 451-8222
Open M-Thurs 11-9, Fri-Sat 11-11, Sun 11-4

The amazing quality of BBQ is an important part of living in Fort Worth and everyone has their own opinion on which spot is the best. Some LOVE Railhead. Others swear by Angelo's. Off the Bone on Mansfield Hwy was named best barbecue in Dallas (that's not really in Dallas) by D Magazine. Bailey's BBQ in downtown certainly has its loyal fans as it has been open since 1931! Several of my buddies always insist on the Smoke Pit on Belknap. Cooper's near Billy Bob's in the Stockyards has certainly made a splash since opening in 2010. Personally, I am a big fan of Cousin's Bar- B-Q on Bryant Irvin.

Now you can add Smokey's BBQ to the prominent list of Fort Worth's great BBQ restaurants. We learned of this gem in a recent visit to Eddie Deen's Crossroads BBQ across from Cowboys Stadium. When mentioning that we had come over from Fort Worth, the friendly folks at Crossroads mentioned Smokey's and that it was part of the Eddie Deen's family. Since Crossroads was such a wonderful barbecue experience, we simply had to give Smokey's a shot.

The service was very friendly as it felt like we were at some variation of Cheers as many of the customers were called by name and we felt right at home in a building that was formerly a Dairy Queen. In fact, it stills resembles a DQ with long tables inside and out on the patio. The flatscreen TV inside was turned off as we were there following the lunch rush, giving the place a homely atmosphere. The chopped beef sandwich on a fresh homemade bun was wonderful and the ribs were well worth a return trip to this east Fort Worth establishment that is about a 10 minute drive east of downtown.




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