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Pizza Beer From Martin House

Space Pizza 5.2% – Pizza Beer! That’s right. Matin House Brewing is starting 2021 with a beer that tastes like pizza. Why you ask? Well why not! Last year was so crazy Martin House  wanted to kick this year off with a beer that would put a smile on your face. Space Pizza is a 5.2% beer brewed with pizza spices. It tastes delicious on its own but pairs well with a nice pepperoni pizza and some cheesy bread. Space Pizza comes in a 6 pack and is getting distributed to retailers throughout Texas this week and next. Be sure to request it from your favorite MHBC spot. It’s also available today in the taproom to go. Cheers to all the crazy beers this year! And shout out to @freeplayarcade for the zaa and the skeeball!

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