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Rain, rain go away.

Panther Island Pavilion – 06.06.19 

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. I’m sure that’s what everyone was thinking as the first Rockin’ the River of the year was canceled midway through the event.

We always need the rain but it seems like Mother Nature has it in for outdoor concerts and events this year.

About the time the crowd started rolling in so did the storm. Many of the Rockin’ goers caught the first couple acts while floating the river, but around 6 p.m. they were cleared out of the water due to some nasty approaching weather.

About 15 minutes later the crowd was evacuated and told to go to their cars and to check Facebook for updates.

Unfortunately the lightning and rain did not subside, forcing the host to cancel the event.

Rockin’ the River will kick off again next Saturday at 1 p.m. Let’s hope Mom’s in a good mood.

July 13th Artist

Cory Morrow – Headliner

The Buffalo Ruckus

Tyler and the Tribe

Zach Nytomt

Travis Parker


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